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August 15, 2008
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Rooftop Parking by Duophonix Rooftop Parking by Duophonix
Car modelled by Michael Brookman, Texturing, environment and lighting by myself.

The best car parking space in the city.

Rendered with Mental ray, modelled in 3ds max 2009 64bit.
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Duophonix, do You have tutorial for make this scene?
Duophonix Nov 27, 2013  Professional Digital Artist
no sorry.
BO-EM Sep 10, 2012  Professional Interface Designer
I need some renderings, pelasse write me on
daharid Jul 14, 2011  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
awesome work! i like the idea!
Duophonix Jul 14, 2011  Professional Digital Artist
Thankyou and thanks for all the fav's :-)
Hi. I've been working with mental ray too and now going to release my first car visualization. You said it is not impossible to do like you did and all you need is learn. So can you teach me a little? I will not be a competition for you most of all because I live and work in Russia XD

Can you tell me how did you do such textures of car and such lightning? What settings did you touched and what materials used? And did you use photoshop and if yes can you show me the picture Before photoshop? Certainly i do not wait you to answer me but it whould amazing if you do :)
Duophonix Dec 6, 2010  Professional Digital Artist
First of all, thank you for speaking in English for me,

Because of how old this image is, I don't think i still have the 3d file or raw render. Because the background image of the city is a photograph, the only photoshop work would have been to make the colours match a bit better and blur the photo.

It is very difficult to explain how each texture was made on here because of how much detail is involved but I will try to give an overall idea for you.

The lighting is the daylight system, with the sun as mrSUN and the sky as mrSKY

I suppose the hardest texture to get right is the car paint. The problem with car paint is:
1 - There are so many different types of car paint
2 - Car paint is usually built up of many different coats meaning the mental ray texture is slightly more complicated.

Usually when trying to make car paint, I use the "Falloff" map set to fresnel in the reflection glossy slot. This is because then the light rays are closer to 0 degrees (looking straight at the surface) the reflection is more blurred - so you would want the colour for this to be a mid gray colour. For the edges, or light rays closer to 90 degrees, the reflections tend to get more clearer and glossy, so you would want the colour in the falloff map to be closer to white - probably full white.

People often make the car paint too reflective so pay close attention to the BRDF setting so that it is a lot less reflective at 0 degrees.

Have a look at using ambiant occlusion in the special effects section of the arch and design material, it can bring out detail in the model.

When you upload your render, send me a link to it and i'll try to help you further if you want me to.
Thank you very much. The material for car paint is what interested me of all materials. Instead of complex reflectivity did you use many layers for something else in it?

And the lightning is of most interest to me. Cause when I try raw Daylight system it brings poor not at all beautiful result. Can you say which settings did you tweak to get it the way it is in the picture?

And in the meantime in the first render I will use simple showroom with no enviroment relying only on light shapes to to make reflections on the car. What settings do you suggest for inner light? You don't need to deeply go into config, just tell me the direction where to tweak, i'm familiar with lightning system and exposure control already .
I don't really like Porsche but I like great renders. This one's amazing.
Duophonix Dec 26, 2009  Professional Digital Artist
Thank you very much :-)
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